New GP IT Plans Laid Out By NHS England

Apr 04, 2014

GP IT funding will now be distributed to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) based on patient population size as part of new arrangements for operating arrangements for health services in England.

NHS England is using its new plans to drive forward its aims to ensure all GP practices across the country have high-quality IT systems.

The announcement states that £230m in funding will be needed to underpin a transformation in service design by embedding world-class IT across the NHS.

“This is particularly important in general practice, given its millions of interactions with patients every week and its pivotal role in coordinating patient care,” claimed Beverley Bryant, NHS England director of strategic systems and technology.

“This operating model sets out how we will achieve high quality primary care digital systems that support the provision of a more efficient, responsive and integrated service for patients, while empowering them to have greater control over their health and care,” she continued.

Bryant went on to say that her organisation is accountable for the delivery of GP IT services, but some responsibility for key elements of IT design has been delegated to CCGs to improve the delivery.

A Fair Share For Everyone

She explained that this month, financial allocations will be based on a “fair share” model to “promote equity and ensure a consistent core offer in all parts of the country.”

According to England’s health service, the changes have a number of benefits, including clearly defined standard for GP services to adhere to, encouraging new suppliers to the market to increase competition and more responsive GP IT.




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