New College Durham Restructures Back Office

Aug 26, 2014

New College Durham has completed a reorganisation of its back office departments, implementing a finance system with integrated electronic workflow and document management.

The chosen supplier was business applications and software provider Advanced Business Solutions, which is now rolling its solutions out across further college departments, aiming to improve campus-wide processes.

According to the College, Advanced’s OpenAccounts, eBIS and document management software has unlocked efficiencies for the finance department and led to the creation of a new department dedicated to developing workflows across campus.

“Advanced’s software has been so successful at cutting administration and improving the support team’s processes that we have been able to move individuals’ skill sets to more added value tasks to better cope with new demands from across the College,” claimed Nicola Whiting, Durham systems accountant.  

“We’ve also rolled out eBIS to other areas of the organisation. We’re now using [it] as a college-wide system in areas such as HR, learning and training and to support our CIS helpdesk.

“We may also be able to use eBIS for the benefit of future students. It’s so flexible that it has changed the way we operate across the College and will continue to do so moving forward,” she added.

Time Saved, Targets Met

The College also says since implementing the firm’s solutions, it has been able to streamline its accounts payable function and significantly reduced the time the team spends logging and processing invoices.

Advanced claims the eBIS allows users to automate invoice and expense claim approvals, while automatically routing correct information to the right people.

Its document management software allows the viewing of documents directly from OpenAccounts and captures information from scanned invoices.

“The College is required to pay 95% of its invoices within 30 days and thank to Advanced’s software, we never miss this target,” claimed Whiting.




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