NEPO Set To Improve UK Public Services

Sep 18, 2014

The North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO), a not-for-profit that aims to aid procurement in the social housing sector, is to launch a new procurement framework.

The framework will allow the purchasing of temporary workers, which NEPO hopes will help UK public sector organisations to adapt their workforce strategy, improve service delivery and reduce costs.

Staffing solutions provider de Poel has been appointed by the organisation to manage and deliver temporary labour services across the 12 north east councils.

The supplier claims the agreement will deliver savings and continuous improvements in quality of service by changing how public services are staffed to meet local demand.

The NEPO-de Poel partnership will deliver a nationally available framework that any public sector organisation can utilise.

In order to access the framework, interested parties must sign up free of charge as an associate member of NEPO.

“Boost Local Economies”

The procurement network uses local supply agencies and workers to delivers services to meet demands with the aim of improving services and employments opportunities while reducing costs.

“We are confident this new recruitment framework for local authorities and the wider public sector encourages a socially-responsible service,” claimed Steven Sinclair, senior procurement manager at NEPO.

“Local authorities can staff services strategically so their delivery can better meet the interests of local residents.

“It’s our belief that public sector procurement can help local economies and communities to thrive and we have procured a partner who shares this belief and will work to reduce costs throughout the supply chain and improve quality,” he added.


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