Mozilla To Launch "Developer Friendly" Browser

Nov 05, 2014

Mozilla has announced that a new browser designed specifically for developers will launch next week.

While details are thin on the ground, the company did release a teaser for the upcoming browser, promising that it would allow developers to "debug the whole web."

The launch is scheduled for 10 November, which marks 10 years since the release of Firefox.

In a blog post, the company explained that the release aims to simplify the process of web development.

"When building for the web, developers tend to use a myriad of different tools which often don't work well together," the organisation wrote online. "This means you end up switching between different tools, platforms and browsers which can slow you down and make you less productive."

Mozilla has confirmed that its WebIDE project and Firefox Tools Adaptor used to connect Firefox developer tools to other well-known web browser engines will be included in next week's release.

Other specifics regarding the launch have been harder to come by, which is unusual for a company known for streaming its weekly project meetings and sharing user interface designs well in advance of their release date.

The firm has previously invested heavily in its developer tools portfolio, particularly with its recent focus on mobile platforms and the launch of its Firefox OS project last year.

The number of additions has actually made the built-in developer tools somewhat cumbersome, so the launch of next week's developer-friendly browser is likely to be welcomed by anyone looking to build their own web-based applications..

Author: Barclay Ballard
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