MoJ Acquires Case Management System Via G-Cloud

Mar 04, 2015

The National Taxing Team (NTT), part of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), has adopted a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online-based cloud case management system.

The new solution is being delivered by CRM specialists Optevia and was procured via the government’s G-Cloud procurement framework.

NTT, which is responsible for assessing and determining the level of claims solicitors and barristers can apply for when they represent defendants in certain criminal cases, decided to move to the cloud because its previous system had become very outdated.

“Like all public sector organisations, we had been under pressure to transform, reduce costs and be more efficient – but our systems could not support that drive. No matter how we needed to, we were able to modify [the previous] system,” explained NTT director at MoJ Beverly Wilstrop.

“We wanted to be able to take control of our system for us to be self reliant and have a system that could flex and change as we needed,” Wilstrop added.

Cloud Supports Huge Volume Of Cases

The new system handles upwards for 24,000 cases annually and is responsible for processing in excess of £50m of solicitors’ and barristers’ claims.

The 45 users of the system can now access it remotely and see the status of all claims and associated documentation instantly, enabling the NTT to manage the demands of its business and allocate resources more efficiently.

Dynamics CRM also eases the administrative burden and complexities of assessing and processing claims.

The solution also includes built in finance checks that ensure the same person cannot input a claim, allocate the claim and be responsible for determining the claim.


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