Mobility Could Save Local Councils Upwards of £10m

Mar 17, 2014

By implementing mobility, councils across the UK could save around £10.3m every year, according to a new report by independent consultancy Bluefin.

Following a Socitm report that found only a third of local authorities in the country meet the required mobile website standards, the company decided to demonstrate the benefits that going mobile can achieve.

“Local authorities are actively transforming but they could do even more by adopting new technologies to improve the way employees work and serve taxpayers,” claimed the firm’s head of public sector, Chris Smith.

He believes that mobility for councils goes beyond having a good website optimised for most devices.

“Mobile government is an untapped opportunity for public sector leaders. Yet, the key to success is for department heads to work together in order to ensure everyone – inside and outside the organisation – is connected to information through phones, laptops and more,” he said.

How Local Authorities Can Save £10m Using Mobile Technologies

How Local Authorities Can Save £10m Using Mobile Technologies - via Bluefin Solutions (click to enlarge)

To summarise the infographic above, cost savings of £10.3m annually can be achieved by motivating employees, creating a “self-service government,” digitalising data and making it available to front-line staff, enabling employees to submit timesheets via mobile devices and establishing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

To calculate these savings, the firm claims it took the median FTE gross pay of public sector employees and estimated a headcount of local authority employees in England and Wales.

It also says it used its own research and publicly available information from other companies.  




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