Mobile App Security Awareness Low In UK

Sep 09, 2014

Just 50% of the British public feels safe using a smartphone, claims mobile data gateway provider Wandera.

This is compared to 69% who feel safe using a desktop computer, according to research conducted by the firm.

The study also claims that seven in ten devices in Wandera’s network transmit sensitive data that can easily be stolen during an attack.

Furthermore, one in five devices was found to have apps that are vulnerable to local access attack.

“Some popular business-related apps like Hilton have recently been patched, but for a long time were openly providing access to sensitive personal information – unfortunately, we have identified numerous other apps that are as equally insecure,” claimed Eldar Tuvey, CEO Wandera.

“Businesses require a new approach to deal with the changing threat landscape of insecure, leaky and malicious apps, malware and targeted phishing attacks.

“Fragmented, piecemeal security simply will not do anymore. Existing security solutions do not go far enough or deep enough to protect your organisation,” Tuvey added.

Not Enough Workplace Knowledge

The research suggests that employees are not being given enough security advice in the workplace, with just 6% of participants saying their employer had provided specific security advice from their employer regarding mobile apps.

On the other hand, over three times are many respondents said they had been given such advice relating to desktops, despite the growing popularity of mobile devices.

“Mobile attacks are growing on all platforms, but it’s clear that many businesses are still underestimating the severity and risk that tablets and smartphones can present,” claimed Tuvey.

“The threats out there are real and changing every day – we’ve helped to protect our customers from three major apps with risks during just our field testing period,” he added.


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