Middlesbrough Selects Transformation Programme Partners

Jul 30, 2014

Middlesbrough Council has selected a supplier to aid its transformation programme that intends to meet the local authority’s financial challenges and modernise operations.

Software solutions provider UNIT4 will be providing the council with its Agresso Local Government ERP Platform.

According to the firm, this will replace a legacy SAP system with an easy-to-use ERP platform delivered via UNIT4 Cloud Services, underpinning finance, HR, procurement and payroll services at the council.

The partnership with Middlesbrough will also see the company provide a finance and procurement platform for over 50 council-maintained schools.

“With continued reductions in government grants, pressures associated with demand increases, austerity measures and staff cuts being imposed on local authorities, we need an agile back office platform that will enable us to provide best-in-class services with fewer staff,” claimed Tony Parkinson, executive director of commercial and corporate services at Middlesbrough.

“Our new operating model requires new systems that enable self-service to become the norm. The cloud-based UNIT4 Agresso solution is fit for purpose, it will provide good practice processes out-of-the-box which will facilitate the transformation, and, as we encounter change, it also has the flexibility to support adjustments in business strategy,” he added.

New Solution To Direct Money And Time Where Needed

According to UNIT4, it will enabling greater autonomy for council managers by utilising self-service to provide them with the information and analytics they require across any Internet-connected device.

The firm claims this will allow the local authority to inform better decision making and reduce the time spent on administration so resources can be directed to frontline services.

“The council is clearly forward-thinking and the deployment of UNIT4 Cloud Services gives the council and the schools better value for money,” claimed Anwen Robinson, UK and Ireland managing director for the company.

“The subscription licence model means that the council will only be paying for the solution modules they use and support costs will be dramatically reduced.

“Having a mobile-ready application will also provide managers and front-line workers with the tools they need instantly, no matter where they might be,” she added.

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