Microsoft Surprises All With Windows 10 Launch

Oct 02, 2014

IT giant Microsoft revealed its long-anticipated new addition to the Windows operating system (OS) family earlier this week – but its name took everyone by surprise.

After Windows 8 and 8.1, many expected to see a Windows 9 announcement, instead, the San Francisco launch event earlier this week introduced Windows 10 to the world.

According to the head of Microsoft’s OS Group Terry Myerson, the intention was not to build an incremental product and the name is meant to suggest a break with the past.

Rather than being limited to desktops and laptops, the new OS will be available on smartphones and tablets as well.

When Windows 8 was released many were shocked to see the “Start Menu” had disappeared, but with Windows 10, it has returned.

It has been revealed that the new menu will be split into two halves: one will resemble 7’s start menu while the other will have the colourful tiles introduced with 8.

The menu will also be customisable, users can make it tall and thin or long and flat and tiles can be resized.

“Business Benefits”

Businesses wanting to use Windows 10 have been assured that the new OS “is more intuitive” than its predecessors and employees will immediately be able to use it whether they were using 7 or 8 beforehand.

Those attending the launch event were also told the new OS will “be compatible with all traditional management systems in use today.”

Besides this, developers will be given “one application platform,” meaning there will be one way to write a universal application targeted at the entire product family.


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