Microsoft Claims Cloud Revenues Double in Q2

Jan 27, 2014

Microsoft has published its revenues in its second quarter to 31st December 2013, claiming that its cloud revenues have doubled over the previous quarter.

Kevin Turner, chief operating officer at the company, said in the official announcement of the figures that, “Our commercial cloud services revenue grew more than 100% year-over-year, as customers are embracing Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM Online.”

Microsoft nonetheless told Wall St customers are now “making long-term commitments to the Microsoft [Cloud] platform.”

CEO of the company, Steve Ballmer, said: “Our commercial segment continues to outpace the overall market.”

The announcement does not go into anything like enough real details, however, only claiming that Office 365 commercial seats and Azure customers both grew “triple-digits.”

Total revenue for the quarter was $24.52bn, up 14% compared to the same quarter the year before, with the IT giant posting post-tax profits of just under $8bn for the three month period on sales of $16bn.

Across all of the Windows creators business, it claimed its Surface tablets sales have increased to $893m in the quarter. Its online gaming platform sales also saw growth: 3.9m Xbox One consoles were sold into the retail channel. 




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