Met Police Seeking Vast Amounts Of Technology

Mar 03, 2015

The Metropolitan Police Service is seeking ICT suppliers to provide it with a variety of technology including desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, printers and phones.

A tender document reveals the organisation is looking for End User Services as part of its Total Technology Policing Infrastructure (TTPI) deal.

“The TTPI Programme has been established to implement a Service Tower operating model for the delivery of ICT services across the Met and to procure replacement contracts that align with and support this model,” the contract notice says.

“This [document] covers the procurement of a single contract to deliver the following End User Services which includes managed desktop services, storage services, local print services and office LAN support services,” it adds.

The chosen supplier will be responsible for managing and delivering a number of devices and services:

  • Managed desktop
  • appliance servers
  • peripherals and accessories
  • directory services
  • software distribution
  • storage
  • email
  • client components
  • back end components
  • networked printers
  • print servers
  • catalogue services
  • non-catalogue provisioning service
  • remote access
  • unified communications
  • standard phones
  • mobile phones
  • LAN cabling
  • LAN switches
  • catalogue smart hands service.

Working With Other Met IT Suppliers

The chosen provider will work with a Towers operating model while a SIAM (service integration and management) supplier will act on behalf of the Police to manage and monitor the business as usual IT services from the other Tower Suppliers into a portfolio of end-to-end business services.

The procured products and services will be used by around 55,000 Met Police staff members across Greater London in a deal that is expected to last for an initial five years with the option to extend for a further two.

The estimated contract value is between £70m and £190m.  


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