Memset Praises G-Cloud Security Changes

Aug 01, 2014

UK hosting provider Memset supports the Government Digital Service’s (GDS) recent changes to the way G-Cloud security works.

Last week, a GDS blog post revealed that suppliers wishing to sell via the procurement framework would no longer need Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) – instead they would be required to self-assert and take into account recent updates to the government’s security classification system.

“The old IL system was hugely complex and poorly understood, which created a significant barrier to entry for many companies, especially SMBs,” claimed Memset managing director Kate Craig-Wood.

“This simplification will greatly open up the public services ICT market. Collapsing lower security tiers into one is also a clear indication from the Cabinet Office of an appetite to push more services into the public cloud,” she added.

Despite Craig-Wood’s praise for the security updates, others a little more sceptical of the “constant” changes that are made to the way G-Cloud works.

G-Cloud Changes “Cause Instability”

Earlier this week, Peter Groucutt, managing director of cloud SME Databarracks, claimed that the procurement framework lacks "stability.”

According to Groucutt, changes such as updating the way security works, makes keeping pace with G-Cloud “challenging” and prevents more uptake of the service.

However, Craig-Wood does not share Groucutt’s view.

“This is great news and is the only way the full potential savings of G-Cloud will be unlocked,” Craig-Wood claimed.

“There is absolutely no reason why the majority of government ICT should not be conducted using British, high-security public cloud providers via the normal Internet, using existing encryption technologies,” she added.


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