Memset Launches PSN-Protected Datacentre

Apr 30, 2015

UK cloud hosting SME Memset has launched a government accredited datacentre facility featuring the PSN-Protected level of security, the highest level of security for the Public Services Network (PSN). 

The company claims it is aiming to bring the best of commodity public cloud centres to higher government security tiers.

Because of this, it invested £1.8m in constructing an efficient, scalable, IL4-capable datacentre in Dunsfold Park, Surrey which was completed in July 2014.

Memset claims to support the government's vision for public sector-wide single network and so wnet in pursuit of a PSN connection in November 2012. 

The company is now connected to a high security network and can make full use of its datacentre facility which has largely been reserved for the purpose of PSN connections.

"Trying to secure a PSN connection was a surprisingly long process for us and very resource intensive for an organisation of our size," claimed the firm's MD Kate Craig-Wood. 

"However, we now have a live connection which is an additional Unique Selling Point (USP) for an SME like Memset supplying Lot 2 services to the public sector via G-Cloud," she added. 

Second Facility In Development 

The company has also revealed a second PSN-connected facility is being developed but in the interim it is working with customers to achieve geographically-diverse, high-availability using PSN as the interlink that was originally envisaged in G-Cloud. 

It also has a number of software developer clients wanting to do work in OFFICIAL PSN/PSN-Protected space and need access into that environment but the costs of their own network would be too prohibitive. 

"There is a definitely a demand for a managed service allowing users to access PSN-Protected systems via the Internet, perhaps using hardened, managed laptops and certified VPNs," claimed Craig-Wood. 


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