Maude Thinks Collaboration Is Key To Cyber Security

Nov 03, 2014

Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude wants industry, the government, businesses and the public to work together to increase cyber security in the UK.

Speaking to delegates at the tenth Payments Council Cyber Security Conference, Maude explained why he believes collaboration in this area is so important.

“Only by working together can we share the information and intelligence necessary to combat the threats more effectively,” he claimed.

“Only by working together can we educate businesses and the public, so we can mitigate our weaknesses before cyber criminals have an opportunity to exploit them,” he added.

The Minister aims to implement measures that will make the country one of the most secure places to do business in world, as well helping people to have confidence in the security of new technologies, allowing them to access to the possible benefits the digital revolution offers.

Online Identity Verification Needed

A key pillar in the place to enhance cyber security in the UK is the GOV.UK Verify identity assurance programme which is in the process of being developed.

The service is intended to be a method of proving someone’s identity in an entirely digital way, allowing government and eventually private sector users to trust that someone really is who they say they are.

“The more we spend our life online, the more important it becomes that someone signing in to use a service is who they say they are,” claimed Maude.

“Until now, we’ve had to rely on offline methods or on digital systems that don’t give a high enough level of confidence for modern, sophisticated services,” he added.

Enhance Ability To Tackle Cyber Crime

The Cabinet Office Minister also claimed that appropriate law enforcement is essential, which is why the government has invested £860m into the Cyber Security Strategy, some of which will go towards improving capabilities in this area.

Maude also noted the creation of the National Cyber Crime Unit within the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the launch of FALCON, the Met Police’s new cybercrime and fraud team for London, which may be the largest of its kind in Europe.


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