Major G-Cloud Shift Predicted By BT Boss

Mar 21, 2014

According to BT’s business development director for the Public Services Network (PSN), Neil Mellor, the new network could help local authorities save millions by hosting services on the cloud.

In an interview with an IT news site, Mellor claimed PSN would act as a “security assured cloud”, saving the costs of dedicated connectivity to suppliers.

He believes the next iteration of the G-Cloud framework will deliver all the services needed by councils in the country to run their businesses on the cloud.

“People have always used hosted or outsourced applications, but before PSN you had to have dedicated connectivity,” Mellor said.

“If you had to do it over a private line, you would have the costs of adding encryption. It is a game changer and there will be an increasing shift to delivering digital services through the PSN,” he claimed.

This is because when products are delivered over the network via G-Cloud, these expenses are not needed, neither is a formal tender process, therefore saving money.

However, Mellor noted that some authorities had an “uncomfortable introduction” to PSN – this comes alongside news that many councils risk being cut off from the network for non-compliance with security regulations.

He says more needs to be done to promote trust of the channel among local authorities and that a positive relationship with central government is currently being developed to combat this.

Meanwhile, this new shift is good news for smaller suppliers.

“Prices are being driven down, to the benefit of the customer and we would be silly if we didn’t change our businesses to respond. We are partnering with a lot of small and medium sized firms,” claimed Mellor.




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