London Provides Good Environment For Tech Start-Ups

Jun 23, 2014

The UK is the second largest location in the world that provides a thriving environment with start-up ecosystems with high-growth clusters.

This is according to Barclays Bank CDO (chief design officer) Derek White, who spoke about “London’s Digital Revolution” at the Internet World event in London last week.

White, who is also a member of the London Tech Ambassadors Group, claimed that London has become the technology capital of the world.

“This is an absolute white hot space in the UK, and it isn’t just start-ups, it isn’t just government, it isn’t just academia, it isn’t just the large corporates that are playing in this space, it’s everybody,” the CDO said.

“It’s the collectivity of those ingredients, those elements in the ecosystem, that are creating something truly special here in London that we are seeing unfold, literally on a day-by-day basis,” he added.

According to White, tech start-up growth is appearing all over the UK, with pockets of regional growth – London being “the obvious consistent leader over the past couple of years.”

Personalisation Of Technology Is The Future

White also spoke about the personalisation of technology, claiming that “the design and the humanisation of technology will play a massive role in its future.”

The CDO spoke of his favourite examples of London start-ups and digital businesses who have really made a positive contribution to human life.

His top three were Shazam, a music recognition service, Caribu, an app that allows for long-distance bedtime stories for parents who work away and Vastari – a group of four women that connects art collectors and curators. 




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