London NHS Trust Chooses Cloud-Based Enterprise Information System

Mar 18, 2014

The Royal Free London NHS Trust will be implementing a cloud-based information management platform, allowing it to digitise case notes and patient records with an integrated storage solution.

The Trust will combine its existing Cerner Electronic Patients Records System with the Content Suite offered by enterprise information management company OpenText, which it says will enable medical staff to get a more complete view of a patient’s condition and requirements.

According to the company, its product is designed to help healthcare providers maximise the value of the information they hold, while minimising the risks associated with managing this in a way that reduces errors.

It also says it will help to secure and manage all patient information and records, including images and unstructured data.

“Accurate and timely patient data is at the heart of delivering quality care and through our collaboration with OpenText we will ensure that it will be available to all front line care staff where and when it is required,” claimed Will Smart, information management and tech director at the Royal Free.

The new system is scheduled to be rolled out across hospitals in the Trust by this summer in a move to support the government’s paperless policy, an attempt to abolish paper records in the NHS and replace them with digital alternatives by 2018.

Smart noted that in such a large trust, maintaining paper records is impractical; the sharing of information is difficult and requires a large administrative team.

“By digitising these case-notes we have the opportunity to improve the quality of the services we provide while reducing costs,” he claimed. 





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