London Borough Sets Education Procurement Framework In Motion

Sep 05, 2014

The London Borough of Lewisham is starting a framework agreement for the provision of educational ICT solutions and specialist goods.

According to a contract notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), the framework will be available for public sector bodies and education institutions in London.

“Lewisham has worked closely with schools within the borough to establish functional or output specifications across a number of lots that will cover the full range of ICT infrastructure services that may be required,” says the tender.

Such services include design, specification, hardware supply, integration, implementation, testing, training, support and maintenance.

Lewisham hopes that by developing the framework, schools will be able to retain control and management of their own solutions, risks and budgets, essentially making them “intelligent customers.”

The service will be designed so that customers can choose their preferred suppliers in each lot or, alternatively, appoint one specific supplier to manage services from a number of lots on their behalf.

Services could be provided by a local authority or already established service provider partner.

Framework To Support Schools “Wherever They’re At”

The framework is also designed to support organisations at whatever stage in their ICT lifecycle they are at, whether it be construction and new build, refurbishment, extension and repurposing of current buildings, new ICT solutions, an ICT solution refresh or integration of new solutions with existing provision.

The contract will be divided into six lots and suppliers will be able to bid for more than one if they so wish:

  • Lot one: network server solutions and services
  • Lot two: active and passive network infrastructure

o   2a: active network infrastructure

o   2b: passive network infrastructure

o   2c: VoIP telephone solutions

  • Lot three: interactive classroom solutions and service

o   3a: learning and teaching spaces

o   3b: immersive and performance spaces

o   3c: external and mobile spaces

o   3d: digital signage

  • Lot four: hardware, devices and peripherals

o   4a: servers and associated software

o   4b: workstations and laptops

o   4c: tablets and mobile devices

o   4d: peripherals, printers and multi-functional devices

  • Lot five: ICT support services
  • Lot six: Training and consultancy for ICT related services and supplies

o   6a: ICT installation, consultancy and training services

o   6b: ICT project management and procurement services

o   6c: ICT related education training and change management services.

The total estimated value of the contract is between £40m and £60m and it is expected to last for four years.


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