LocalGov Digital Launches Second Of Three Pilot Projects

Oct 14, 2014

LocalGov Digital, a body of “digital practitioners” in local government, has launched “Localo”, a system that aims to enable consistency against every data exchange and transaction.

Last week, LocalGov Digital Makers, the part of the organisation dedicated to building digital services, announced the first of three pilot projects had gone live.

Pipeline” aims to help local government build partnerships and increase collaboration and like Localo, is currently in its alpha phase.

According to the organisation, this second project will enable local government IT systems to talk to each other more efficiently and this will become standards across all councils.

Like Pipeline, it is hoped that this will help councils work more collaboratively and share innovation, save money and concentrate on building great user experiences.

Localo was conceived during a LocalGov Digital Hack Day in June, where it set out to develop specifications for data and application programming interfaces (APIs) used by local government.

The Makers have since been creating a Localo specification for waste services and plans to hold a Waste Services Discovery Day in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government on 4th November.

“Digital Means More Efficiency, Lower Costs”

“Well designed digital services create a better use experience, encouraging re-use and giving a positive impression of the organisations they serve,” claimed LocalGov Digital.

“A shift to digital can also create capacity or reduce costs, but for organisations to truly realise this potential the service need to be fully automated or end-to-end.

“End-to-end services will very often interact with data held IT systems, however there are hundreds of these used by local government with each council having different combinations.

“This patchwork of systems makes it difficult for councils to share and collaborate on work when in many cases the functions they are fulfilling are the same or very similar,” it added.

It is this issue which Localo hopes to tackle, along with “vendor lock-in” caused by systems being specifically integrated with other systems and so the council has to buy into a whole “supplier ecosystem.”

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