Local Government ‘Knowingly Avoids’ G-Cloud, Claims Survey

Mar 27, 2014

According to a recent survey, almost half (46%) of the wider public sector have no plans to use the G-Cloud framework - while only 19% have said they already use it.

Meanwhile, 35% of respondents claimed they have plans to procure new services via the system, but this contrasts with the 37% already using general cloud services outside the framework and 29% with intentions to do so in the coming year.

Research firm iGov Survey compiled the report by polling 203 managers from local government, fire and rescue and the police.

Earlier this week, Home Office CTO Denise McDonagh criticised the Cabinet Office for not making G-Cloud visible enough, but these survey results suggest that visibility is not the issue.

“Interestingly, only 36% of participants viewed government frameworks as a priority, which perhaps reflects a lack of confidence in the relatively new initiatives such as the G-Cloud e-procurement network,” said the report.

Cloud Itself Is A Popular Option

Despite a lack of enthusiasm for the government cloud service purchasing framework, the survey revealed positive attitudes to the cloud overall.

For example, only 16% of participants said they would not consider using it, while the rest are already on the cloud or intending to be within the next year.

The managers were also asked to rank the benefits of cloud computing; the majority chose reduced hardware costs as the most important, but the ability to scale use up and down as required was also a popular choice.

“When viewed alongside the steps taken to deploy cloud and shared services technologies, public sector managers appear to be actively guarding against future, as yet unannounced, funding cuts,” claimed David McAughtrie, digital content manager at Unit4, an iGov research partner.

“In seeking new ways of working and ICT solution to support them, managers’ new buying habits are shaping the services available,” he added.

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