Life In The Digital Marketplace: A New Forum For SME Suppliers

Nov 05, 2015

Are you on the G-Cloud?

Is it the best thing you've ever done? As in, you are powering ahead and winning amazing new public sector business you just wouldn't have seen otherwise?

Is it the worst thing you've ever done? As in, you're getting no traction... a whole load of admin and bureaucracy that hasn't paid back the time and effort the team put in?

Well, here at 24n, we want to hear YOUR story.

You'll have seen our other new editorial stream, The Digital Marketplace Contenders, which is our way of profiling companies applying to the Digital Marketplace.

This is parallel editorial format - where we want to talk to established G-Cloud members, be they veterans or newbies.

Well, this is a bit different. Logically speaking, there's no reason why a company of an size couldn't be in this new format, Life In The Digital Marketplace - IBM, HP, or the coolest 10-man apps band that got onto G-Cloud at the last iteration. We want to hear from all of you!

Come and share your insights about being a G-Cloud player

Our motive: share best practice and experience as a service to both other vendors but also the consumers you want to get to - the pubic sector procurement officer and CIO, hungry and ready for your great cloud-delivered solutions.

So - want to get something off your chest, shout to the rooftops about a G-Cloud issue that's bugging you, show off about some amazing sales coup to the NHS... then come and tell us about it!

Life In The Digital Marketplace.

We want to hear all about it.

Drop me a line to take this forward, if this is you:

And good luck!

(c) 2015

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