Leeds NHS Trust Selects Patient Data System Provider

Jun 25, 2014

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has selected data systems firm InterSystems’ HealthShare solution for its regional master patient index.

According to the supplier, its solution with help the Leeds Trust support key specialist care services by enabling strategic interoperability and analytics across a hospital network.

The Trust claims its vision is to be the best in specialist and integrated care, securely exchanging patient information across the region with an integrated electronic patient record (EPR) - an essential part of its integrated digital care record is the regional index.

The integrated digital EPR is said to contain 1.3m patient demographic records and this number is expected to grow to 5m, while the regional master patient index allows the unique identification across numerous care settings in the region.

The Trust hopes the new technology will improve the quality of patient data and governance of care processes.

“HealthShare’s capabilities and InterSystems’ partnership approach are very important for the success of the Trust’s health informatics vision,” claimed the organisations’ deputy director Eileen Jessop.

“While our initial projects just use a fraction of the HealthShare’s functionality, we can expand on this as we add additional specialist and integrated care services to meet the changing needs of our patients,” she added.

Data Covers One Of Country’s Largest Trusts

The Trust is one of the largest in the country, providing 2500 inpatient beds, serving over one million patients a year, with 14,000 staff across six cities covering a large part of West Yorkshire.

Its status as a major healthcare organisation in country means it has access to some of the most advanced technology in world, ensuring good patient survival rates.

“The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has taken a strategic interoperability approach that will benefit both patients and clinicians. InterSystems is delighted that the Trust chose HealthShare as the right platform to provide better, more cost-efficient, more connected care,” claimed the company’s vice president Steve Garringtoh.

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