Land Registry Plans For In-House IT

Sep 08, 2014

HM Land Registry, the government body responsible for land and property registration in England and Wales, has revealed plans to bring its outsourced ICT back in-house.

In its 2013-14 annual report published last week, the agency said it would be making the change to comply with Whitehall’s fight against large IT contracts.

The Land Registry’s current £50m IT contract was awarded to IT business services provider Steria in 2009 and is due to expire later this year.

The body’s plan claims this will not be renewed as originally planned.

“Preparations are being made for the service to move in-house while the future strategy is determined,” says the document.

“This includes both the current services Steria provides and any third-party contracts within the current agreement,” it adds.

“Good Track Record With IT”

In May, the Land Registry received praise and an award for its Property Alert service which made significant progress in its first three months of going live.

The agency is currently focusing on another IT project that aims to centralise the Local Land Charges register, which is currently maintained by local authorities.

According to the annual report, the prototype register has already been successfully evaluated and a contractor will be appointed next year after legislation that allows the transfer becomes law.

The document also claims that the Land Registry is aiming to have 99% of information services and 60% of registration services to be lodged electronically by 2017/18.

Besides this, the next two years will see the agency upgrade legacy registration and geographic information systems.


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