Jos Creese Rocks Up At Eduserv

Sep 10, 2015

Respected local government ICT thought leader Jos Creese is tjoining not-for-profit provider of IT for the public sector Eduserv to lead a new independent forum it's setting up.

Creese, the former CIO at Hampshire County Council, will head up the Local Government Executive Briefing (LGEB), which will provide "an independent forum for CEOs and CIOs to share ideas and formulate strategy around the transformation agenda in UK councils," says the organisation.

The body is all about helping senior decision makers in local government plan effectively for digitally-enabled service transformation, according to Creese, who adds, "I have seen first-hand the extent to which IT, when correctly deployed, could solve the twin problems of cost reduction and demand growth for council services.

"Local Government still has some way to go in developing new digital delivery models which meet its specific challenges.

"In my new role at Eduserv I hope to facilitate debate that offers new insights into how the public sector can better use technology to navigate a successful future path.”

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