JANET Begins Process Of Enhancing Network Security

Jan 14, 2015

The Joint Academic Network (JANET), which connects UK further and higher education institutions and research councils, has made the decision to increase its network security.

According to a pre-tender notice, JANET claims to be seeking solutions that will allow it to “monitor, prevent, mitigate and investigate” security incidents.

In what it is calling a “request for information” and “information gathering exercise,” the Network is seeking information security products and services.

“To enhance security on the JANET network and to improve our ability to investigate security incidents, there is a requirement to deploy a solution on the JANET network that will provide better visibility and enable meaningful data to be gathered from specific points on the network,” says the tender document.

“The proposed solution will allow security experts to analyse, detect and investigate various type of threats,” it adds.

Fully Fledged Solution Required

The monitoring requirements fall under Lot One of the notice, while Lot Two covers DDoS protection.

The document notes that although the Network already has the capability to block “standard parameters,” it is interested in solutions “over and above.”

Lot Three covers a “JANET Threat Information Service” that will combine Internet information about hostile activity with hostile activity on the Network.

The Fourth Lot is titled Vulnerability Information Services.

“We consider a vulnerability to be a specific weakness that can be exploited by an attacker to compromise the security of a system,” explains the document.

“Ensuring that vulnerabilities are patched or otherwise controlled is a key component of any information security management system,” it adds.

The fifth and final lot is for a Vulnerability Assessment Service that will allow JANET-connected customers to carry out automated, predetermined security vulnerability assessments of given IP ranges, web applications or PCI DSS services.

“JANET is seeking potential services or solutions that are available to help our customers address these issues in a timely fashion,” claimed the pre-tender.

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