Is The UK Attractive For Outsourcing Services?

Feb 12, 2014

This video and post first appeared on Professional Outsourcing, written by Loughborough School of Business and Economics. 

Professor Ilan Oshri from Purple Cow Media on Vimeo.

Think outsourcing, now think location. You are probably thinking India, China or perhaps Central Eastern Europe. Think again, were you aware that the UK is fast becoming an attractive location for outsourcing services?

But making a decision to invest in the UK is still not easy, the cost base of the UK is fairly high and its corporate tax is not the lowest in Europe. So what makes the UK an attractive location for both client firms and vendors?

The Loughborough Centre for Global Sourcing and Services has been undertaking independent research on the trends and practices in global sourcing of IT and business services through on-going engagement with managers and policy makers. In this, the first of two video presentations, Professor Ilan Oshri will share his findings for the attractiveness of the UK, building on his long research into trends in the outsourcing industry and their impact on the attractiveness of Western countries for outsourcing services.

View the first of two videos where Ilan Oshri, Professor of Technology and Globalisation, Director, Centre for Global Sourcing and Services(CGSS)  shares his views from his recent research and gain access to the full report here.