Is BT Right To Claim Trust In Cloud Is At 'All Time' Low?

Sep 29, 2014

Data security fears combined with dogged mistrust in cloud are the clear 'winners' in quite a downbeat piece of research commissioned by IT giant BT.

Its poll seems to have found that while 70% of those surveyed are adopting cloud storage and web applications within their enterprises, their actual confidence in cloud security seems to be at what the firm claims is an all-time low.

But beneath the headline, what the survey actually seems to have found is that IT leaders accept cloud - but aren't so sure they need to buy it from big companies like BT.

For example, and perhaps frustratingly for the big vendors like BT who want to be in on this game, 50% nonetheless have adopted mass market ‘consumer’ cloud services, rather than those designed specifically for the enterprise.

'Extremely Anxious' - Or Not?

BT paid Vanson Bourne to interview 640 senior IT decision makers from enterprise organisations in 11 countries to assess their feelings about cloud and security.

The rsearchers found 76% see security as their main concern about using cloud-based services, while 49% say that they are ‘very or extremely anxious’ about the security implications of these services - up from only 10% in equivalent 2012 findings.

When asked about why they want to go for consumer (i.e. DropBox style) solutions over cloud offerings tailored to the enterprise, 48% have the "impression" (BT's term) that enterprise cloud applications and services are too expensive and 44%, and we quite, "hold the belief that mass market public cloud applications and services are as effective as using those designed specifically for enterprise users."

Meantime, for the majority (54%) of IT decision makers, trusting a third party is also a concern, 41% think all cloud services are inherently insecure and 26% said that they had experienced a data breach incident where their cloud service provider was "partly at fault."

Weigh Up The Risks

For Mark Hughes, president of BT Security, “It is an interesting paradox that the survey has exposed on the one hand decision makers are concerned about the security implications of using public cloud services but on the other, their buying decisions seem to be driven by short term cost perceptions.

"We invite these decision makers to also weigh up the reputational cost and impact on their brand of a cloud security breach. Enterprise cloud applications and services are designed to help businesses realise the possibilities in the cloud while substantially decreasing risk: I would suggest organisations undertake a thorough risk analysis before opting for mass market cloud services.

"Every organisation has a different appetite for risk and these need to be factored into the buying decision equation."


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