IDC: G-Cloud Sets The European Government Cloud Standard

Nov 28, 2014

Market intelligence firm IDC has claimed that the UK’s government cloud procurement framework G-Cloud is “ahead of the curve.”

According to analysts, the network – particularly the flagship Cloudstore initiative – has “greatly increased” the maturity of both suppliers and buyers.

IDC claims that one of the key factors that drove government CIOs towards the cloud was the transparent, common approach to information assurance adopted by G-Cloud.

“Over the past five or six years, western European governments have realised the benefits of cloud computing,” the company claimed.

“In the early days of cloud, government CIOs were split between the sceptics – who considered cloud as just another iteration of traditional infrastructure and application hosting and the enthusiasts – who saw cloud as a quick and easy way to significantly cut capital expenditure,” it added.

IDC believes that cloud is now becoming more commonplace in European government because the benefits it can provide.

“Government CIOs we have spoken with are now looking at the cloud to improve their ability to give access to applications and data from remote locations and multiple devices, as well as enhance scalability and elasticity to deal with peak workloads and cope with fast-growing demand for computing capacity,” it claimed.

What Impact Will Changing Security Requirements Have?

The research also explored the impact that the new security classifications and requirements for G-Cloud are likely to have.

Prior to July 2014, suppliers on the framework were required to gain pan-government accreditation, but now, they can simply self-certify that their services are fit for purpose.

“Recent IDC conversations with UK government and IT executives and providers indicate that the market will require eight to twelve months to completely adjust to new guidelines,” claimed Massimiliano Claps, IDC’s research director for government insights.

“IDC expects government CIOs and CISOs will place higher trust in vendors that gained pan-government accreditation, or that were accredited by individual Departments that deal with secret information assets such as defence or Police forces,” he added.

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