HP Wins Major Northern Irish Health And Social Care Contract

Sep 18, 2014

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, the body that provides health services in the Six Counties, has opened up a £100m purchasing framework with supplier HP as part of a major refresh of NHS service delivery.

Under the four year deal, the supplier has stepped in to try and upgrade the Province's entire health data centre infrastructure - services that ultimately cover the health and well-being of 1.7m service users.

HP is delivering systems plus management services to the body,which says it needs to see key improvements to front-line service delivery.

Beyond infrastructure, HP will also work on refreshing a range of other aspects of NI health IT, including its GP network and the local patient administration systems.

It also plans to work with Stormont's Health & Care Number programme, as well as roll out a new regional e-prescription solution to improve patient safety in relation to drug dispensing.

Vital Work

It will also manage partner and SME partner participation, it promises.

"By delivering a broad range of services, applications and infrastructure safely, securely and efficiently, HP will underpin vital work in healthcare in Northern Ireland," claimed the firm's head of Enterprise Services for Northern Ireland, Jackie Crooks.

Northern Ireland is one of the first parts of the UK to integrate both helath and social care, with a total dispersement planned of £2.32bn in the ten years up until 2021.


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