Highways Agency Chooses SIAM Services Provider

Jun 12, 2014

The Highways Agency has chosen intelligence firm BAE Systems to provide it with Service Integration and Application Management (SIAM) services across its national IT estate.

The three-year contract, worth around £7.5m, will see the company deliver end-to-end services in line with the Agency’s ICT strategy.

The deal covers a network of over 3840 end users across the UK in seven main offices, seven regional control centres (RCCs) and 30 other locations.

BAE Systems claims it will be helping the Agency to improve efficiency and maintain continuity in the delivery of core functions and reducing IT costs.

“[We are] enabling the Agency to derive the maximum possible value from its investment in technology and helping it to continue to focus on its core work to improve the safety and quality of travel for millions of road users,” claimed managing director of UK services at the firm, Julian Cracknell.

Whitehall Moves Away From Single Suppliers

The Highways Agency is currently moving away from a single ICT supplier approach, instead opting for a multi-sourced tower model – similar to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Whitehall as a whole is attempting to adopt procurement processes that aim to make technology cheaper and more transparent, innovative and flexible – a tower model is one method said to achieve this.

The tower framework is also claimed to open up business to a wider range of suppliers, including SMEs, enabling government to buy goods and services more efficiently and effectively.

BAE Systems was recently announced to be among the first organisations applying for the new Cyber Essentials Award, which demonstrates commitment to ensuring security measures are in place.

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