Harrow Council Selects New IT Partner

Apr 21, 2015

Harrow Council has signed a £37m contract with Sopra Steria which will now provide IT services for the local authority.

The company will be responsible for upgrading IT systems across the local government body, ensuring staff and residents can take advantage of new technology and access more digital services.

The deal commences on 1st November for a five-year period and is expected to save around 20% of the costs of the current contract over and deliver improvements in a number of areas to benefit both users and employees.

“As more and more of our interactions with residents are taking place online we need to ensure we have the best possible IT system in place to help local people,” claimed Councillor Graham Henson.

“Sopra Steria has extensive experience of working with local authorities and a track record of delivering complex projects.

“This contract represents good value for residents, staff and the young people who will benefit from more apprenticeship places plus a commitment to pay the London Living wage,” he added.

The firm has also committed to providing Harrow with a number of initiatives targeted at benefitting the local community.

These include apprenticeships, work placements, work tasters, jobs for residents and support for events.

Modern, Flexible Solution

“We are pleased to be entering into a partnership with Harrow Council to deliver services in support of their digital transformation agenda,” claimed Sopra Steria UK CEO John Torrie.

“We will provide Harrow with a flexible IT solution that can drive efficiency and improve service delivery as well as supporting them in developing skills and employment in the local community.

“Our experience in local government IT transformation spans over 30 years, therefore Harrow Council can be confident we will deliver a reliable IT platform to support the transformation of their operations into the future,” he added.

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