GPS To Build G-Cloud Style Framework

Mar 31, 2014

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) has issued a tender that could see the organisation build a G-Cloud style framework for local government software.

Published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), the contract notice reveals that GPS, along with Pro 5, the London ICT Programme and the Local Government Association, is seeking to establish a network for line of business applications with local authorities.

Although the new service will be aimed at local governments, the organisations involved claim that it will be open to virtually all public sector bodies.

It is hoped that the development of open systems, data sharing and interoperability of IT systems will be accelerated by this new framework, therefore allowing services to be efficient and flexible, effectively meeting the needs of citizens and businesses.

The tender notes that GPS aims to create a single, consolidated procurement channel, while enabling catalogue pricing at system level, improving competition so authorities can specify requirements and improving the relationship with suppliers to reduce the high variation in prices.

Multiple Lots For Bidders

There are 11 individual lots prospective providers can bid on, stated in the tender:

  • revenue and benefits systems
  • payment processing and cash receipt systems
  • environmental, planning, building control, trading standards and licensing systems
  • libraries systems
  • housing and property systems
  • social care systems
  • public health systems
  • civil enforcement systems
  • open government systems, interoperation and integration systems
  • democratic and citizen engagement systems
  • waste management, registrar, sports, recreation and other local authority business systems.

According to the contract notice, the new system will replace the old Local Government Software Application Solutions (LGSAS) agreement when it expires in July.




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