Government Offers More Help To UK Plc's Cybercrime Fight

Sep 17, 2014

The government wants to spur more growth in the UK's cyber security capability, with Business Secretary Vince Cable promising a slew of further help to efforts to develop new ways to tackle cyber threat.

Speaking at the first ever US-UK Global Cyber Security Innovation Summit in London at the start of the week, Cable announced a £4m competition for UK cyber businesses to develop ideas to boost defences in this area.

He also announced the appointment of a new Whitehall cyber security small business champion, as well as outlining funding for projects to foster more growth and innovation in the sector.

The competition will have its first run in 2015 and will be run by the Technology Strategy Board, UKHMG's innovation agency.

A £6bn UK Success Story

For Cable, "The growth of the cyber security sector in the UK is a great success story, worth over £6bn and employing around 40,000 people.

"Building a strong and resilient cyberspace in the UK is central to ensuring that our companies can make the most of business opportunities online, whilst avoiding potentially costly threats to the information they hold and the services they provide."

But, he added, maintaining innovation and growth calls for continued investment - hence his new £4m.

"Partnering with industry experts will also increase the opportunities for the UK’s small cyber companies to work together and grow their businesses,' he claimed.

The Cabinet member also confirned the appointment of cyber security small business champion, Andy Williams, of technology trade association techUK.

Williams is to be responsible for mapping cyber security small businesses, plus is charged with setting up a UK-wide growth project to encourage more co-operation between such firms.

His role will also involve working to promote the potential of UK SME security businesses at UK and international events, delivering business advice and establishing an online portal to share information about national initiatives with the cyber business community.

Both projects will be delivered through the Cyber Growth Partnership - a network of government representatives, University-based cyber security companies and trade bodies, all dedicated to supporting the sector.


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