Government Launches Open University Cyber Security Course

Sep 05, 2014

Earlier this week, the government launched a “Massive Open Online Course” (MOOC) with the Open University to “inspire” the next general of cyber security professionals.

The online course is free and Whitehall claims it is the first of its kind globally to gain government support.

It adds that the course is available to anyone with the desire to improve their cyber security knowledge and skills and it has the potential to reach 200,000 students.

By offering the course, the government hopes that it will ensure the UK has the capability going forwards to meet any current and future challenges in this area.

It also aims to increase awareness of digital security among the general public.

“The government has a vision for a vibrant, resilient and secure cyberspace, contributing to economic prosperity, national security and a strong society,” claimed Ed Vaizey, the newly appointed Minister for Culture and Digital Economy.

“The vision can only become a reality if we have a strong cyber security skills base in the UK, both within government and the private sector.

“The launch of the cyber security MOOC takes up a step closer to that goal,” he added.

“Anyone” Can Gain “Skills Employers Need”

The National Cyber Security Programme is funding the new course, investing £860m over a five-year period to protect and promote the UK in cyberspace.

Both the government and the Open University have worked closely together to develop it and it will be available on, a platform that hosts free online courses from a range of UK and international universities.

“Employers are looking for skilled people in the cyber security field, now and in the future and we’re particularly keen to encourage more young people and women into the profession,” claimed Vaizey.

“It’s vital that we have the people and the skills to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of the information revolution,” he added.

Anyone with Internet access is able to apply for The Introduction to Cyber Security, which will cover subjects including network security, the threat landscape, cryptography, malware and how to manage security risks.


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