European Governments Must Provide Better Support To Tech Industry Claims Larry Page

Nov 03, 2014

Governments in Europe need to seriously buck up their ideas when it comes to the tech industry, Larry Page has said.

According to the Financial Times (via the Telegraph), Google's CEO said that Euro regimes need to support the technology sector more effectively, and become more like Silicon Valley.

Page said: "Why can't we get more of these things going in Europe? Like celebrating technology, having a friendly environment for it, having more investment in science and a basic understanding and entrepreneurialism and making money and moving quickly and kind of the things that are good about Silicon Valley."

Whoa, slow down there, Larry – but we get the point. Page said that Google was prepared to invest in big tech schemes to benefit society at large, and that governments should be doing the same.

Although that's easier said than done in a climate of economic austerity...

Google, of course, has a million and one cutting-edge tech projects going, or moonshots as it likes to call them. One of the biggest to be worked on this year is the famed Project Loon, which aims to use balloons to bring net access to unconnected remote corners of the world.

Google also recently showed off a working prototype of its nifty modular smartphone, Project Ara.


Author: Darren Allan
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