Google Tempts StartUps With Free $100K Worth Of Cloud Tech

Sep 17, 2014

Search giant Google will give you $100,000 of free cloud for a year - so long as you use its platform in lieu of rivals Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft's Azure.

And you won't just be getting free storage: successful start up applicants also get 24x7 support and access to Google’s technical expertise, promises the company.

The offer was announce at this week's Google for Entrepreneurs Global Partner Summit by its senior vice president for technical infrastructure, Urs Hölzle, with candidate firms having to be under five tears old and with less than $500,000 in annual sales.

Giving You Back Your Headspace

Further tightening the scope, if you're interested: you must also be currently buddied up with one of the 50 Venture Capitalist or incubators Google has links with.

Nonetheless, the offer may well attract a lot of interest - especially given the fact that, according to Julie Pearl, its director of developer relations, "thousands" of startups have already built successful applications on Google Cloud Platform which serve tens of millions of users, such as Snapchat, which now serves 700m photos a day.

Pearl blogs that the offer is meant to allow teams to concentrate on building products, not fret about managing infrastructure.

Of course, Google's a little late to the cloud inducement game for new firms: Amazon offers Activate service, while Microsoft has BizSpark.

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