GDS Discuss PSN Plans With Suppliers

May 01, 2014

The Government Digital Service (GDS) have been holding talks with suppliers for the Public Services Network (PSN) to sort out a future for the network.

GDS took responsibility for PSN from the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) earlier this month when it became part of the Common Technology Services.

This part of the organisation is housed within the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and Director Andy Beale has been leading the discussions.

“PSN is a network of networks, which allows public sector organisations to connect with each other securely and cost effectively,” claimed Beale in a blog post announcing the takeover.

“It avoids the duplication and complexity of past discrete networks that didn’t connect with one another.

“The team has been successful in establishing common technical standards for government connectivity and is currently transitioning some 600 public sector organisations onto the network,” he added.

According to the UK press, Beale’s message to suppliers was centred on the idea that PSN is now housed within the Cabinet Office “where it belongs,” claiming that the Department is “a common trusted network enabler of change.”

Reports also claim that some providers view GDS as a more logical home for the Network, creating an easier and more coherent approach to compliance and accreditation across the PSN.

Confusion Over Non-Compliance Penalties

The Cabinet Office has recently been in discussions about security compliance with public sector organisations required to join the Network.

Despite initially saying bodies who did not comply by a deadline would lose access to PSN, the operations director for the Network John Stubley has since retracted this and has said his Office is working with those struggling to meet security requirements.




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