GDS Claims Twitter Handle Change Doesn’t Signal End Of G-Cloud

Jan 20, 2015

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has announced that it is changing the Twitter handle of its G-Cloud accounts from @G_Cloud_UK to @GOVUKDigimkt.

Last year, GDS announced that the government was building a Digital Marketplace as a singular location for public sector buyers to access technology procurement frameworks G-Cloud and Digital Services, replacing the Cloudstore and Digital Services Store.

Gemma Phelan, digital engagements at GDS, explains that creating a G-Cloud Twitter account seemed natural as a channel of communication with both buyers and suppliers after building a following exceeding 7500.

However, Phelan recently wrote on the GDS blog that the Digital Marketplace team is now responsible for all communications concerning the Marketplace, G-Cloud and Digital Service framework, as well as any other frameworks that may join the Marketplace in the future.

It is because of this that GDS has decided to switch from a G-Cloud related Twitter handle to one that encompasses all the services available under the Digital Marketplace in order to consolidate and streamline its approach to social media.

G-Cloud Is Sticking Around

“This doesn’t mean that G-Cloud is being phased out of that G-Cloud is no longer a significant part of the platform or process,” claimed Phelan.

“The change in name is simply a more sensical way for us to communicate about Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud and Digital Services, as well as any other framework that might be added in the future.

“To explain the case further, it wouldn’t make sense to post an update on the Digital Services framework from the @G_Cloud_UK account, likewise, it wouldn’t make sense to set up a separate Twitter account for every framework,” she added.


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