GDS And CCS Exploring Additions To Digital Marketplace

Mar 16, 2015

The Government Digital Service (GDS) and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) are working together to determine what frameworks will be added to the Digital Marketplace next.

The Marketplace is currently home to the cloud procurement framework G-Cloud and the Digital Services Framework is set to be added shortly.

According to the recently published GDS Digital Marketplace Strategy 2015, by working with CCS, more spend will be channelled through the Marketplace, backed up by frameworks for new categories of spend with the same principles as G-Cloud where possible.

“The modular way in which the Digital Marketplace is built will enable other catalogue-type frameworks to be easily added to it,” the strategy document claims.

“The immediate intention is to include frameworks GDS are responsible for, including digital services like the Public Service Network (PSN).

“We are talking to CCS about how this could be extended to other frameworks. This would truly help deliver the vision of providing one place for the public sector to go and find and buy from the best, innovative suppliers all that they need to design and deliver digital services,” it adds.

G-Cloud Promotion

The strategy also reveals that GDS is intending to do more over the coming year to promote G-Cloud and direct more spend towards the framework.

“We will carry out an analysis to identify the estimated value of possible Departmental cloud spend so that we can effectively target an engagement strategy to boost the amount of spend going through the Digital Marketplace,” it claims.

By implementing the Digital Marketplace Strategy 2015, GDS hopes it will be able to save money for the taxpayer by continuing to drive costs out, efficiency in and expose Departments to the type of private sector innovation they should be investing in.

It also claims it will be able to provide access for innovative suppliers and support  growth in the SME marketplace and reduce the risk of a successful legal challenge by being compliant by default.


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