Gateshead NHS Moving Towards Better Integrated Digital Care

Jan 19, 2015

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has successfully migrated over one million medical studies containing around 15TB of data to a new Picture Archive and Communication Solution (PACS) AND Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

The successful implementation will allow clinicians at the Trust to continue to view medical radiology images such as CT, MR, ultrasound and computed radiography from any department.

Gateshead required a new PACS because its existing contract had come to an end.

After successfully migrating its data and a successful VNA deployment, it worked with healthcare data management provider BridgeHead Software to deploy Carestream’s Vue PACS.

The project required two phases, the first of which saw the one million medical imaging studies transferred from the incumbent PACS into BridgeHead’s HealthStore.

HealthStore is an application-independent clinical archive that incorporates a VNA and is made available to the new PACS.

Phase two saw the integration of the VNA and PACS, as well as ensuring that data adhered to the required standards.

“One of our core requirements was to ensure data retention from our former PACS provider,” explained Clare Jones, Radiology IT systems manager at Gateshead Trust.

“We achieved this by successfully migrating our legacy imaging studies into our VNA, making it available to CareStream’s Vue PACS.

“The BridgeHead VNA will form the cornerstone of our wider electronic patient record programme; therefore, it was essential that data in both our new PACS and in the VNA conformed to the required standard ensuring data availability to multiple systems and multiple authorised users,” she claimed.

Quality of Care Not Disrupted

According to Jones, data migration was completed with minimal impacts to those using the PACS and ultimately, little impact on ability to deliver high quality patient care.

Gateshead Trust hopes the future will see the BridgeHead VNA become the hospital’s single, enterprise-wide archive for all clinical imaging.


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