G-Cloud Will Be Combined With Other Digital Frameworks

Mar 13, 2014

In an attempt to make services “clearer, simpler and faster,” the Government Digital Service (GDS) has announced that G-Cloud, CloudStore and the Digital Services Store will be merged into one.

“We are going to help suppliers learn and adapt to the marketplace as it evolves,” claimed Ivanka Majic, user experience research at GDS, in a blog post.  

“By attracting a wider range of businesses of different sizes and experience of selling to government we have been successful in creating a broad ranging catalogue.

“But our suppliers have no access to information which might help them understand how the market is working and what they might be able to do to improve their offerings,” she added.

According the blog post, GDS is working to make it easier for the public sector to buy digital products from a pool of quality suppliers of all sizes working in agile ways.

Last month, GDS COO Tony Singleton wrote he would be holding talks to improve the service. Despite this, CIO of Camden Council, John Jackson, recently hit out at G-Cloud for being too complicated.

Now, GDS claims it is taking action to turn digital procurement services into a system that works and benefits everyone because it is “clear that there is more work to be done to help the tools do more to meet user needs.”

It says its initial focus is on working towards the creation of a single store that will see both current and future digital and cloud frameworks combined with one another.

GDS also says it will be tackling the issues with search on the CloudStore following complaints that it is hard to find what you need. Besides the search engine itself, the way suppliers and their products are categorised and described will be reviewed.

The suggested improvements are based on previous user feedback. GDS is now conducting further research, with the hope of delivering some changes shortly after Easter via an Alpha early working prototype.

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