G-Cloud Users Predict Strong 2014 Sales

Apr 02, 2014

A recent survey has claimed that both suppliers and government representatives are optimistic about the future of the G-Cloud procurement framework.

Delegates at last week’s Think Cloud for Government event were quizzed by secure case management providers Toplevel for their views on the future of the system.

When asked how they believe G-Cloud sales will compare this year to last year, the majority of participants said £300-£599m was the bracket they expected the figure to fall into.

The other two options given were £0-£299m and £600m or more; 23.5% and 6% voted for these categories respectively.

 According to Toplevel, these results indicate that confidence in G-Cloud has increased since last year, when the company conducted similar research.

“At its inception, many doubted it would reach its financial targets and yet these have been exceeded,” said Jane Roberts, the firm’s strategy director.

“Clearly G-Cloud is succeeding in its remit to offer an open market that benefits industry, fosters innovation and provides the public sector with competitive solutions,” she added.

The government claims the running total of G-Cloud sales from its beginning in 2012 until 28th February this year at over £124m.

However, these figures only show how much has been invoiced and it is likely the true value of contracts signed to date is higher.

G-Cloud Views Divided

Despite those at the Think Cloud event predicting such high sales for the government’s procurement framework, those on stage on the day did not convey such positive attitudes.

For example, Home Office CTO Denise McDonagh criticised G-Cloud’s lack of visibility and some local government tech leaders voiced their concerns.

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