G-Cloud Supplier Accreditation Backlog Shifted

May 01, 2014

The government has announced that it has cleared the backdated list of suppliers waiting to be approved for G-Cloud listing.

Those wishing to receive accreditation for the cloud procurement framework must complete a G-Cloud security application for each of their services, as well as completing the Data Protection Act checklist.

However, many providers feel this creates a barrier to entering business with government, with a group of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) known as the 10% group openly complaining in 2013.

G-Cloud is said to host around 13,000 services from 1200 companies, of which 60% are SMBs.

According to GDS, the backlog for approving accreditation occurred because there was high demand from G-Cloud suppliers.

New Team Brought In To Deal With Issues

The organisation said it had newly formed a G-Cloud security and accreditation team to deal with the problem and had also improved the way approval is dealt with.

“We’ve also improved the way in which accreditation is dealt with through closer coordination with CESG, government buyers and G-Cloud suppliers,” claimed Tony Singleton, the framework’s programme director.

“As part of the changes, a tool was introduced to track accreditation and submissions, submission progress with the PGA and re-accreditations.

“This will give us a snapshot at any point in time of the security status of all G-Cloud accredited services,” Singleton added.

He added to the announcement that new information will soon be published relating to the way in which changing government security classifications will affect G-Cloud.

The total amount of money spent through the network since 2012 until March 2014 now stands at £154.6m.

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