G-Cloud Sees Positive Start to Year with £15m Sales

Feb 11, 2014

Figures released last week by the government put the running total of G-Cloud sales since the beginning at £92.7m, up from last month’s running total of £77.8m, placing January sales around the £15m mark.

Should sales continue at this level, the framework could pass £100m in overall sales next month.

The government claimed 56% of these sales by value (61% by volume) were awarded to small to medium enterprises (SMEs). 

It defines these as suppliers with 250 or less employees and turnover that doesn’t exceed €50m (use of Euro denomination in the government’s original). The company must also be autonomous, so no more than 25% of its capital or voting rights can be owned by an organisation or multiple organisations that are not SMEs themselves.

However, other figures released by the government show that since November 2013, there has been very little change in the number of SMEs doing business with Whitehall.

Last week’s sales report also revealed that 75% of total sales by value were made to central government and 25% were made to the wider public sector.

Not all commentators are convinced the government’s cloud programme is this successful when it comes to SME participation. For example, in December 2013, Six Degrees Group (6DG) conducted a survey of 300 UK councils and discovered only 38 of that 300 had ever purchased a product or service via the G-Cloud framework.

This news comes after the Government Digital Service announced last week it will be rebranding G-Cloud

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