G-Cloud 22nd May Live Date Announced

May 09, 2014

The Cabinet Office has announced that G-Cloud 5 will go live on 22nd May, citing high volume of applications as the reason for delaying the original May 2nd date.

An update on the new Digital Marketplace blog claims that Intention of Award letters will now be received on the 9th May.

In the meantime, G-Cloud iii (G3) is extended until the day the fifth iteration goes live, ensuring that no gaps in services for buyers will occur.

The notice also reminds users of the procurement framework that when G3 ends, any services supplied via this network will no longer be available to purchase – adding that G-Cloud 4 is not affected by these changes.

Buyers have been told that they can either wait for G-Cloud 5 to go live later this month or if procurement is urgent, they are urged to complete the process before this date.

The confirmation of a go-live date follows last week’s news that the Government Digital Service (GDS) has successfully shifted the G-Cloud supplier accreditation backlog.

Problems To Overcome From The Onset

Working through high demand for approval has been just one problem faced by the G-Cloud 5 team since it went to tender in February.

At the Think Cloud For Government Event in March, numerous speakers spoke of their concerns surrounding the framework, including its former head, Denise McDonagh, who is now Home Office CTO.

In response, G-Cloud director Tony Singleton wrote a blog post claiming the network was going to get an awareness boost.

Part of this drive to increase visibility includes publicising the “research days” that take place every second Wednesday.

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