Fears Being Raised At 'Worse Than Heartbleed' Global Virus Threat

Sep 25, 2014

A new bug has muscled into virtual town - and world-leading security experts are saying it's worse than this year's Heartbleed fiasco.

Called 'Bash,' the security flaw is inherent to a computer's shell. This is the user interface that accesses operating systems like Command Prompt, and means that both PC and Mac systems are vulnerable.

Worryingly, the ubiquitous nature of the bug (also known as "Shellshock") means that a large percentage of software is engaged in constant interaction with the shell, and therefore the bug can infiltrate software in a number of different ways.

A blog post by leading security expert Robert Graham highlighted the fact that the Bash bug is as big a threat as heartbleed, but also suggested that out-dated systems may actually be safer than modern ones.

"Internet of things devices like video cameras are especially vulnerable because a lot of their software is built from web-enabled bash scripts," he wrote. "Thus, not only are they less likely to be patched, they are more likely to expose the vulnerability to the outside world."

Author: Alysia Judge
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