Essex Fire Service Uses G-Cloud For Backup Technology

Nov 12, 2014

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has procured an online backup and disaster recovery solution via the G-Cloud framework.

The organisation took to the framework after its existing solution became too difficult to manage and chose Backup Technology to deliver the new service.

“Traditionally procurement has been a long, protracted process. With G-Cloud it is very straightforward because all the supplier and product information has already been collated and validated,” claimed head of ICT for the Fire Service Jan Swanwick.

“This makes the process much easier. It also helped us discover Backup Technology which has been a major benefit,” Swanwick added.

This is the first time the organisation has used the framework for procurement purposes.

Backup Technology claims to be protecting all of the Essex Fire’s data, including risk information for the county, operating procedures, details of incidents attended, people helped, building inspections and workplace data.

Data Essential For Saving Lives

“Saving lives isn’t just about putting out fires and attending emergencies, it is about using the data we collect during our work to protect the people and property of our county,” claimed assistant chief fire officer of safe communities Paul Hill.

“We spend a huge around of time analysing the data we collect so that we can target our services in the correct and most efficient way.

“Knowing that this data is protected by Backup Technology is vital to the success of everything we do,” he added.

According to the firm, the solution it supplies to Essex Fire and Rescue is fully managed and encompasses every aspect of the backup contract from configuration and installation through to daily monitoring and restoration support of the backups.


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