EPRs Set For Boost With Launch Of Clinical Content Store

Dec 16, 2014

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provider SynApps Solutions has launched its Clinical Content Store (CCS), a “next-generation” data management system for digital patient record keeping.

According to the firm, the Store can hold all of a hospital’s medical images, including medical photography, but also a wide range of other vital patient information.

SynApps also claims that its CCS will allow for the storage of all the unstructured data that a true Electronic Patient Record (EPR) demands.

It says the Store has the ability to improve the sharing of information across the whole care pathway in or out of hospital.

“We excited about CCS as early customers in the NHS tell us it’s a fantastic place to start building powerful consolidated data repositories for all clinical and patient data,” claimed SynApps health business development manager Tony Blackhouse.

“These NHS customers also tell us they’re seeing a 70% reduction in the costs of keeping all their data in multiple system when they’ve started using the CCS, with one institution already estimating is going to save at least £1m per annum by not having to work directly with legacy systems anymore,” he added.

Aid For Expiring NPfIT Contracts

SynApps claims to have timed the launch of the Store at a time where many contracts related to the failed National Programme for IT (NPfIT) contracts are winding down.

It adds that many Chief Clinical Information Officers are now faced with finding new image storage solutions in the context of financial constraint.

The company’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), which was recently selected by Northampton General Hospital, is at the heart of CCS.

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