Employers Do Not Value Training But IT Professionals Do

Mar 14, 2014

A survey by IT social community website Spiceworks has discovered that professionals in the area place high value on technology training - but employers do not share their opinion.

The research, sponsored by computer training company New Horizons, asked 850 IT professionals across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for their opinion on training, certification priorities and future career plans.

Respondents overwhelmingly favoured technology training, with 84% of participants claiming it is valuable and a way to increase job opportunities and salaries.

Those surveyed placed so much emphasis on training that 54% said they would pay for all or at least some of their training courses themselves. Nearly half (46%) said they had been on one or more courses last year and 78% planned on taking one this year.

Despite this, 39% of professionals in the survey said their employers did not feel the same and placed little or even no value on IT training.

“IT professionals are responsible for making sure organisations of every size and shape are running in peak condition,” claimed Kathryn Pribish, programme manager at Spiceworks.

“However, the technology industry is constantly evolving, new threats and challenges are emerging and IT departments are constantly asked to do more with less.

“IT training is crucial in not only the professional development of technology professionals but in helping them stay on top of the latest technology trends while keeping their organisations up and running at all times,” she added.

The research also found that IT employees placed importance on supplier certifications, with Microsoft, Cisco and VMware being rated most highly.

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