Eduserv Secure Cloud Migration Service Launched

May 30, 2014

Not-for-profit managed cloud provider Eduserv has launched a new service it claims will support public sector organisations wishing to move to the cloud while maintaining high levels of data security.

 Because the organisation is one of the first to conform to the government’s new security classifications, it claims to offer buyers cloud migration service full-conformant with existing levels of security.

The service cloud adoption assessment, cloud service design and cloud migration, supported by project management and other managed services.

The vendor hopes that as its services conform to recently updated Whitehall security structures, this will encourage central government to finally consider cloud systems as a viable, secure option.

Soecifically, Eduserv held the Business Impact Level 3 (IL3) security accreditation, also known as ‘Restricted’ information.

This level is now called ‘Official’ and the organisation has been given clearance to hold information assets that fall under this category.

“We now offer a comprehensive suite of managed services on top of our IL3 infrastructure to simplify the move to cloud, allowing central government bodies  to concentrate on their core business activities,” claimed Max Elliot-Massouras, technical authority for the body’s Cloud Compute (IL3) Platform.

“Our cloud professional services, coupled with our Pan Government Accredited multi-tenant platforms and managed services, allow customers to benefit from economies of scale but with the added level of security normally only achieved with private cloud or bespoke solutions,” he added.

Flexibility and Responsiveness For Government

Eduserv says it offers public sector customers a range of new hybrid cloud solutions, supporting a mix of both on and off premise hosting, private and public cloud and services on differing Impact Levels.

The organisation also claims its new services offer flexibility and responsiveness to customers, supported by high levels of security.

“To help them do this, we’ve put security at the heart of our services to provide reassurance when hosting ‘Official’ information,” it says.




Understanding the risks and rewards of public sector cloud 

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